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Asset Holding Companies (AHCs)

Asset Holding Companies (AHCs) can be considered the workhorses of the iwi fisheries sector. And so the success of the iwi fisheries sector as a whole depends on the success of individual iwi AHCs - the large and the small.  This section of Iwiika is designed to provide AHC directors and kaimahi with guidelines, template documents and articles that will advance education, stimulate thought and discussion on the various matters associated with AHCs and the management of fisheries settlement assets.

An Invitation to share Information
If you have information and documents that you believe would be useful to other AHCs or MIO's, such as a strategic plan, a discussion paper or an agreement of sorts, and you don’t mind sharing this information with other AHCs, we strongly encourage you to contact the website administrator so that we can arrange to post your information on Iwiika. We believe that the sharing of information and assistance between AHCs and MIOs is the smartest way to accelerate growth within the iwi fisheries sector. Where contributions are made Iwiika will always acknowledge the source of that contribution.