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What is Strategic Governance?

The Maori Fisheries Act 2004 contains a unique provision that requires the trustees or representatives of a MIO to exercise “strategic governance” over the AHC and where relevant, any Subsidiary AHC, Fishing Company or Joint Venture. 

The term strategic governance appears to have its roots in the management of the public sector at a strategic level.  The term is fairly new and although the Act does not define what the term means exactly, it does spell out a number of activities over which the MIO must exercise strategic governance these being:

  • the key strategies for the use and development of Iwi fisheries settlement assets (settlement quota and AFL income shares)
  • the expected return on the settlement quota and AFL income shares
  • any programme to manage the sale of ACE derived from the settlement quota
  • any programme to buy or sell settlement quota

What strategic governance is not is “hands-on” management of AHC responsibilities.  Remember that management is the responsibility of the AHC Board of Directors and where applicable their appointed General Manager or Chief Executive.  In short a MIO must not manage its AHC but it must ensure that the AHC is well managed.

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