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Blue Book
Each month FishServe publishes the "Blue Book", which provides summarised ACE and quota share trading prices.  This information is taken from all registered transfers.  The Blue Book can provide you with an idea of market prices for ACE and quota shares.  It is very useful as a benchmark against which you can compare your April and October ACE sale prices.

Writer’s Tip: The Blue Book really is a cost effective way of setting a benchmark for an AHC’s ACE sales.  It works in a similar way to a house valuation – you may be able to sell your house for more, the same or less.  But the key is that it provides an independent industry specific source against which you can compare your AHC’s sales performance.

Electronic subscriptions cost $16.90 (inc GST) for 6 months and $33.75 for 12 months and are emailed to your preferred email address.  Hardcopy subscriptions are also available at a dearer price.

Download a Blue Book subscription application form here or call FishServe on (04) 460 9555.

Produced by Fishserve, Wellington www.fishserve.co.nz


NZ Commercial Fisheries: The Atlas of Area Codes and TACCs
Produced annually in hardcopy, The Atlas of Area Codes and TACCs (The Atlas) provides information on current fish stocks, Quota Management Area (QMA) boundaries, TACCs and commercial catches for QMS species and the main non-ITQ species in an easy-to-use format.  

Writer’s Tip: I find The Atlas very useful for tracking changes in TACCs over time for the key stocks that we hold.  There are useful graphs that tell me whether the TACC for a stock is increasing, decreasing or static over time which gives some indication, I believe, as to the health of a particular stock.  I also find The Atlas useful for finding stock codes and QMA boundaries, especially when it comes to understanding where my inshore quota is located geographically.

Estimated retail price: $73.13 (incl GST).

Order your next copy of the Atlas from sandra@fishinfo.co.nz or call (03) 545 7020.

Produced by Clement and Associates Ltd of Nelson www.fishinfo.co.nz.