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Below is a range of organisations involved in the New Zealand fisheries idustry and iwi fisheries.

Aotearoa Fisheries Limited

AFL (Aotearoa Fisheries Ltd)

AFL is the largest Maori fishing company in the world.  AFL is 100 percent owned by Maori. 

Ministry of Fisheries

Ministry of Fisheries

The Ministry of Fisheries works to ensure that New Zealand fisheries are used in a sustainable way and that we have a healthy aquatic ecosystem.

Seafood Industry Council

CSOs (Commercial Stakeholder Organisations)

CSOs are companies or associations owned by quota owners.  CSOs can represent and manage the specific affairs of a particular fishery (eg rock lobster), a geographic area (eg northern inshore fisheries), specific fish stock (eg PAU2) or a group of stocks on behalf of quota owners.

Seafood Industry Council

New Zealand Seafood Industry

The New Zealand Seafood Industry Council Ltd works on behalf of the New Zealand seafood industry.

The industry is made up of about 2500 participating enterprises, including Maori.

Seafood Industry Training Organisation

SITO (Seafood Industry
Training Organisation)

SITO is the Industry training organisation for New Zealand's seafood industry. It aims to help seafood industry employees and their employers get the most out of training opportunities and approaches.  SITO is currently developing a course to train AHC directors in fisheries.



Sealord is a global seafood enterprise with a world-wide fishing, processing and marketing network.

Takutai Trust

The Takutai Trust is the working name of the Maori Aquaculture Settlement Trust.

Takutai Trust was established to deal with the allocation of water-space in the coastal marine area to Iwi Aquaculture Organisations.

Te Ohu Kaimoana

Te Ohu Kaimoana

Te Ohu Kaimoana is a statutory organisation dedicated to future advancement of Maori interests in the marine environment.